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The Forensic testing devices uses the most advanced methods for analyzing specimens. DNA Identification, Explosives Detection, or Surface Drug Test Kits will be helpful for all your forensic needs. Excellence at the forensic test kits is recognized by both defense and prosecution agencies, seeking expertise that is timely, accurate, confidential and provided in a manner that is both clear and concise. Forensic Tests are convenient for a private criminality's specializing in the analysis, identification and interpretation of evidence associated with the investigation of civil and criminal cases.

Forensic tests : 11 items
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Detect Now For Marijuana Drug Test $39.00 Add to Cart
Detect Now Spray Cocaine/Crack Drug Test $38.00 Add to Cart
DropEx Plus Explosives Detection Field Test Kit $244.95 Add to Cart
Drug Detection Spray Kit for THC/COC/METH/OPI (20 tests) $131.46 Add to Cart
EXPRAY Explosive Detection 50 Test Kit with Spray Explosives Detection Technology $220.00 Add to Cart
EXPRAY Explosives Detection / Identification Field Test Kit (100 Tests) $267.25 Add to Cart
Infidelity Home Test Kit CheckMate $49.50 Add to Cart
Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves 5 pairs $0.95 Add to Cart
Meth Substance - Methamphetamine Surface Drug Testing $7.99 Add to Cart
Multi Drug Spray Test (100 Tests) $365.57 Add to Cart
See Through Transparency Spray $22.35 Add to Cart

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Thank you for shopping with us; your business is greatly appreciated. We stand behind what we sell and are dedicated to personal service.

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