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There are several different ways of detecting the volume of alcohol in human body substances. We offer alcohol test kits for use on breath or saliva samples. Our alcohol tests are proven, reliable, efficient and helpful. Alcohol is the most traditional drug in history. There is a certain tolerance to alcohol in human society.
And our tests provide tested tools to make tradition comply with the rule of law and and save lives on the road, in the family, at school and work.

Alcohol tests : 4 items
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Alcohol Saliva Test - DOT Approved $2.95 Add to Cart
Alcohol Saliva Screen Test $2.85 Add to Cart
AlcoMate Prestige AL-6000 Full Kit $129.00 Add to Cart
Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves 5 pairs $0.95 Add to Cart

You won't find a better selection of alcohol tests anywhere. At our shop we offer many Alcohol tests at discount prices and will amaze you with our added features to make your shopping experience the best it can be.

In addition, our unique, shopper friendly approach to product presentation makes shopping for tests online quick and simple. For your security, we offer a secured server where you enter your personal information so you can shop safely.

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Thank you for shopping with us; your business is greatly appreciated. We stand behind what we sell and are dedicated to personal service.

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