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We offer a wide variety of tests like home drug tests, alcohol tests, allergy tests, disease tests, hiv tests, forensic tests, ovulation tests and pregnancy tests.

Drug Test

Drug testing serves two purposes: it allows interested and legally allowed parties to perform tests on certain people who might have used drug of abuse, and it allows those under suspicion to clear their names. Home drug test kits are intended for use, for example, by parents to unobtrusively detect whether their children use drugs. All our drug test kits are legal to use. Our tests are easy to use, affordable and provide rapid and accurate results at the ease, comfort, and privacy of your home or office.

Alcohol Test

There are several different ways of detecting the volume of alcohol in human body substances. We offer alcohol test kits for use on breath or saliva samples. Our alcohol tests are proven, reliable, efficient and helpful.

Pregnancy & Ovulation test

We offer pregnancy test allowing to detect a small amount of a certain hormone, hCG, which gives you an early and accurate result. 20 mIUs is considered to be the lowest level in the home pregnancy tests market. Our pregnancy test is easy to use in the comfort of your house, with the confidentiality and privacy your house can offer. Our ovulation tests detect the ovulation hormone, luteinising hormone (LH), which rises or surges 24-36 hours before you ovulate. Ovulation Predictor tests predict with a 99% accuracy.

Forensic tests

The Forensic testing devices uses the most advanced methods for analyzing specimens. DNA Identification, Explosives Detection, or Surface Drug Test Kits will be helpful for all your forensic needs. Forensic Tests are convenient for a private criminality's specializing in the analysis, identification and interpretation of evidence associated with the investigation of civil and criminal cases.

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We guarantee that all test results are completely confidential and anonymous. All orders are discreetly discreetly packaged and shipped to your door.

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